National Stationery Week Giveaway

Giveaway: Stationery Bundle! #NatStatWeek

To celebrate National Stationery Week I am giving away this bumper bundle of stationery. A couple of bits were sent to me by the National Stationery Week team but most of them are from my stash. It’s all unused & brand new – a couple of things are out of their original packaging but that’s generally because I take stuff out of the packet when… Continue Reading “Giveaway: Stationery Bundle! #NatStatWeek”

Send a Letter day – #NatStatWeek

It is the last day of National Stationery Week, and today is Send a Letter day. When was the last time that you sent a letter that wasn’t a greetings card, invitation or RSVP? Probably quite a while a go, for most of my readers. These days, emails are more common. Even more common that that, instant messaging of some sort or another; SMS, iMessage,… Continue Reading “Send a Letter day – #NatStatWeek”

Getting kids (and adults!) drawing, writing & creating with Maped Color’Peps #NatStatWeek

As part of my role as a National Stationery Week blogger I have been sent a variety of items from the Maped Color’Peps range to try out. We’ve been testing their Aqua watercolour pencils, the Jungle Innovation felt pens, their Smoothy chunky watercolour crayons, and their Mini pencil crayons. The girls have really been enjoying the range; the colours are bright and cover the whole… Continue Reading “Getting kids (and adults!) drawing, writing & creating with Maped Color’Peps #NatStatWeek”

Getting organised – It’s World Stationery Day!

This year I was asked to be a National Stationery Week blogger, and to help spread the word about great stationery that gets people inspired to write and create amazing things. As part of this I’ve been sent several bits & pieces to try out, so I thought I’d let you know how I’ve been using them to get organised, and why I’ve been getting back to writing instead of just typing.… Continue Reading “Getting organised – It’s World Stationery Day!”

Giveaway: Zebra Z-Grip BallPoint Pens

A few weeks ago I posted a review for Zebra Z-Grip Ballpoint Pens in preparation for National Stationery Week. Well, the week full of stationery goodness has now started, and I have a set of eight of these pens to give away to one of my readers! There will be one winner of this giveaway, and they will receive 3 funky Z-Grip pens, and 5… Continue Reading “Giveaway: Zebra Z-Grip BallPoint Pens”

Sheaffer Sagaris Metallic Blue Fountain Pen

Disclosure: This product was sent to me free of charge by Sheaffer to be reviewed. However, as per my PR info disclaimer, this review is my unbiased honest opinion of the product. Product: Sheaffer Sagaris Metallic Blue Fountain Pen Price: £50.00 Age Range: n/a Manufacturer’s Description: Inspired by long-time favorite, Sheaffer® Triumph®, Sheaffer® Sagaris™ is light-weight, slim, and fits comfortably in the palm of your… Continue Reading “Sheaffer Sagaris Metallic Blue Fountain Pen”

Review: Kokuyo Harinacs Medium 6 Sheet Staple-less Stapler

When this product arrived for review, as part of my role as a National Stationery Week blogger, I was a mixture of sceptical and excited. It sounded fab, a stapleless stapler – but could it be too good to be true?

I used to use a stapler every single day at my old admin job and have many not-so-fond memories of running out of staples, or having to pick them out in order to shred some files. The idea of a gadget that both never runs out & doesn’t cause problems with shredding sounded great to me – things only a lowly paper pusher can truly appreciate I think!… Continue Reading “Review: Kokuyo Harinacs Medium 6 Sheet Staple-less Stapler”

Review: Zebra Z-Grip Ballpoint Pens

These zebra pens are a joy to write with; they give you a smooth writing experience and I haven’t had any problems with air bubbles or ink flow. The range of colours they come in is great; I just love the light blue. They are vibrant and actually show up against your paper, unlike some coloured pens I have used in the past which are so pale as to be unusable.… Continue Reading “Review: Zebra Z-Grip Ballpoint Pens”