Review: LEGO DC Super Hero Girls – 41232, 41230 & 41235

Disclosure: This product was sent to us free of charge for the purpose of this review. However, as per my PR Info page, this review represents our honest opinion of the product.

Product: LEGO DC Super Hero Girls41232 Super Hero High School41230 Batgirl Batjet Chase41235 Wonder Woman Dorm

Price: Super Hero High School – £74.99, Batgirl Batjet Chase – £19.99, Wonder Woman Dorm – £19.99

Age Range: 7-12 years

Manufacturer’s Description: Super-Villain and mastermind, EclipsoTM, has teamed up with bright scientist, Lena LutherTM – the creator of evil, little KrypotomitesTM! Eclipso’s overall plan is to capture the Super Heroes and drain their powers to become the most powerful Super-Villain of all…MWAHAHAHAHAHA! How will the LEGO® DC Super Hero Girls work together to defeat the evil Super-Villains and save the world to restore harmony?

Rating: (5/5 stars)

Review: The girls love LEGO, and they love Super Heroes, so when we found out that a new range of LEGO DC Super Hero Girls sets was being released, we were really interested and the girls were very excited to get some to review! We were sent the Super Hero High School, Batgirl Batjet Chase, and Wonder Woman Dorm.

Both girls have their particular favourite Super Heroes, with Lydia loving Batgirl and Supergirl, and Georgie being a big fan of Wonder Woman. So, these three sets were perfect for them; the Super Hero High School comes with Supergirl, Poison Ivy and Lena Luthor, and the smaller two sets have Batgirl and Wonder Woman in.

As you can tell the girls were very happy when these sets arrived (and decided to dress appropriately!). They were quick to claim their own special sets, as I expected them to. The LEGO DC Super Hero Girls range uses mini-doll figures rather than standard mini figures, as in the LEGO Friends, Fairies and Disney Princess ranges. To be completely honest, I wasn’t sure about these figures when they were first introduced but having seen how many brilliant ranges and sets they have introduced since their invention, I am definitely converted – especially after reading Ruth’s brilliant blog post about them.

The first set we built was the Wonder Woman Dorm set. Inside the box for this set you get two bags of bits, a sheet of stickers, and the instructions. Georgie did most of the building of this set on her own, with occasional help from her sister or a parent. She was able to do most of the build herself (she is almost 6), but needed a grown up to put the stickers on straight for her.

Wonder Woman Dorm comes with one mini-doll figure, Wonder Woman, one “cute but evil Kyrptomite” and her bedroom with a wardrobe and bed. You also get her “invisible” motorbike complete with a workstation to work on it – which rotates when you turn the crank. There are some fun touches to this set, like the under bed drawer which pulls out to become a screen, and a dress inside the wardrobe which opens up – with enough space to put away Wonder Woman’s golden lasso inside. There are some great little accessories including a wrench and a trophy.

The set has 186 pieces. Georgie built it in two steps, doing bag 1 one day and bag 2 another. I like the way that LEGO sets come split like this as it gives you a good place to pause building until another day – which stretches out the fun too! 

The next set we built was Batgirl Batjet Chase, which Lydia and I built together. Lydia was very nearly four when we built this set together, and despite it being aimed for ages 7-12, there was an awful lot of “I can do it MYSELF!” involved – and she was pretty good at it too.

Batgirl Batjet Chase is around the same size set as Wonder Woman, with 206 pieces. Inside the box you get two bags of LEGO, a sticker sheet, the instructions, and Batgirl’s wings (including a spare which is handy). Lydia really loves this set as it is very interactive and fun to play with. You get a Batgirl mini-doll figure, a yellow Kryptomite (the tiny little bad guys), and the set makes both a little buggy and the Batjet.

The buggy has a trapper to hold the ePad, which the naughty Kryptomite has stolen from Batgirl. The Batjet has two stud shooters and a net launcher, so you can chase the buggy and capture the “bad guy” to recover the ePad. There were several spare studs for the stud shooters, which is very good as they shoot out with quite a bit of speed! Lydia really enjoyed building it, and loves shooting the net and studs – she is able to reload the net herself and it always brings a smile to her face when it flies out again. 

The last set we built was Super Hero High School, which I built with a little “help” from Lydia… which basically meant towards the end of the build I was doing it mostly one handed!

The Super Hero High School set is a huge set with 712 pieces, split into 5 bags. You also get some long yellow flexible parts which go on the front (including one spare), a large instruction book, and a sticker sheet. Brilliantly you get one of the LEGO separator tools too, which I find SO useful when building sets with the children, as it makes it so easy to fix any mistakes quickly, and break up creations to rebuild. There are three mini-dolls included in this set; Lena Author, Poison Ivy, and Supergirl. You also build two different purple Kryptomites with this set, plus Poison Ivy’s plant Frankie. 

There are two vehicles in the set; Lena Luthor’s jet and Poison Ivy’s motorbike. The jet has an opening cockpit, rotating engines and a claw at the front to grip things. The motorbike includes a plant shooter and again you get a few extra bits of ammunition for this.

The school building itself is three levels and really clever, a twist of a knob transforms it into “defense mode” with a ramp popping out for Poison Ivy’s motorbike to launch out of the building. A cafe on the top of the building provides the perfect place for the Super Hero friends to relax at the end of a long day saving people, and there is a classroom on either side with lots of cool little details. When in defense mode, you can shoot a chain at Lena’s jet, and a disc shooter on the top of one of the classrooms is another fun weapon.

This set includes quite a lot of accessories, including a wrench, spare cape, Supergirl’s phone, food, scissors, a wrench and a tool cabinet that matches the Wonder Woman set perfectly. In fact, the Wonder Woman set can clip onto the school as an extension to the building, which is a really nice touch for those who own both sets.

The entire DC Super Hero Girls range comprises of 6 sets at the moment, and there are 9 different mini-dolls to collect. Bumblebee and Harley Quinn both look very cool. The designs of the mini-dolls are brilliant, a really good match to the original show, and very colourful and enjoyable to play with. The girls have had a lot of fun flying their little Super Heroes around the living room, landing back at the school and getting up to all sorts of adventures. 

So what do the girls think about their new LEGO sets? 

Georgie: Nice, Good, Brilliant! I like the Wonder Woman rope and I like that her bed can open up. I like that there is on the High School set lockers with all of the Super Heroes marks so they know whose is whose. One more thing that I like is that you can watch television at the High School.

Lydia: I like all of it. I like that the Batjet fires the net the best. They are really good! I like about the school that Poison Ivy drives up the long bit. I like that we can play with it and it’s fun,

Watch the video to see us build each set (at 30x speed!), and see the girls having a play too. 

Overall we are really pleased with these sets – they are really fun to build and you get a lot of fun out of playing with them too. They girls love to enjoy imaginative play and so there has been lots of Super Hero action going on with these sets!

In fact, we have enjoyed the range so much that we have bought the remaining three sets from the range, 41231 Harley Quinn to the Rescue41234 Bumblebee Helicopter & [41233](Lashina Tank){.rel-nfollow}, to put away for Georgie’s 6th birthday in a few months! You can’t get much more of a sign that we’ve genuinely enjoyed them than that.

5 stars for these fab DC Super Hero Girls LEGO sets.