Review: LumiPotti Night Light Potty

Disclosure: This product was sent to me free of charge by LumiPotti to be reviewed. However, as per my PR info disclaimer, this review is my unbiased honest opinion of the product.

LumiPottiProduct: LumiPotti Night Light Potty

Price: £23.99

Age Range: For potty training stage, 18 months+

Manufacturer’s Description: LumiPotti is the night light potty that helps children conquer night toilet training. Placed near the bed, LumiPotti’s friendly, smiling night light cast a warm glow that will guide your child from bed and back. Ideal for ages 18 months upwards, LumiPotti is the perfect solution to help your child out of nappies into dry nights. LumiPotti has a removable, movement activated night light that will illuminate when your child rises at night. It turns off 60 seconds after the last movement to leave your child to sleep undisturbed. LumiPotti is battery operated and is made with anti-microbial plastic for extra cleanliness. LumiPotti is proud to be Made in England.

Rating: (4/5 stars)


Review: The LumiPotti is a potty with a night light, designed for 24 hour use. My initial thoughts when I opened the box were that it seems to be good quality, with a decent thickness and strength to the plastic – not at all flimsy like some super cheap potties I’ve seen.

The LumiPotti has a motion activated smiley nightlight, and even a small amount of movement will trigger the nightlight to come on. The idea is to leave it in your child’s bedroom at night so that when they are doing night-time potty training they can use the potty by themselves in the dark. 

The potty is a decent size with plenty of capacity for big wees & poos (this has been thoroughly tested by our mid-potty training 3 year old!) and Georgie certainly finds it comfortable. We had another potty upstairs before we got the LumiPotti and she will always use her “light up potty” in preference to the old one.

Georgie on the LumiPotti

The nightlight on the potty is really quite bright; I would say that it is possibly too bright. We had it in the girl’s bedroom for a night or two and Georgie ended up putting it in the hallway. As she is able to open her bedroom door herself I am fine with this, as she is less likely to wake Lydia, who she shares a room with, if she leaves the room to use the potty at night. I think she found it a bit too bright when she was trying to sleep and either she or Lydia set it off with their wriggling. 

The nightlight bit of the potty is removable… although it is a little tricky & stiff to remove, so I have to admit I don’t follow the instructions and remove it every time I clean it out – I just avoid getting the nightlight wet.

I do like the idea of being able to remove the light because Georgie could then have it on her bedside table & use it as a torch when she progresses to using the toilet on her own at night – she can’t reach the light switches. It definitely increases the value for money factor of this potty.

I think £23.99 is a fairly good price; if you add together the price of a decent size & quality potty and the cost of a motion activated nightlight you get around the same total price. This is actually a better solution for us too, as most motion activated nightlights require a conveniently located socket and the girls bedroom and hallway ones are all covered up at the moment.

We give this potty 4 stars. I am pleased to have it, and I think that it will be really useful as we continue potty training.

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  1. I hate it when nightlight type items are too bright – our calpol vapourizer has a light that feels like an airport runway and our baby monitor one is like looking at the sun! Other than that this potty looks better than I gave it credit for x

  2. I love the idea of the motion sensor – that’s just genius! We have a potty in the kids’ room at the moment as neither of them are dry at night but I think this would be a considerably more useful idea!
    Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested this week

  3. I thought these were a bit gimmicky to start with, but after reading a few reviews I actually think they are really clever! Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested

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