Review: Micro Scooters – 3 in 1 Mini Micro & White Micro

Disclosure: These scooters were sent to me free of charge by Micro Scooters to be reviewed. However, as per my PR info disclaimer, this review is my unbiased honest opinion of the product.

Micro-Scooters logoProduct: Micro Scooters – 3 in 1 Mini Micro Scooter & White Micro Scooter

Price: 3 in 1 Mini Micro Scooter priced from £74.95, Micro White Scooter priced at £139.95

Age Range: 3 in 1 Mini Micro Scooter: 1 to 5 years, White Micro Scooter: 10 years – adult

Manufacturer’s Description: 3 in 1 Mini Micro Scooter – Introducing the award winning 3 in 1 Mini Micro Scooter suitable for children aged 1-5 years. Available in 7 bright and beautiful colours priced from £74.95.

The toddler scooter means an end to big bulky ride on toys. The scooter is suitable for emerging walkers and will see them through to their first days at nursery school. It works in 3 stages;

  1. At ages 1-2 children use the scooter with the adjustable seat
  2. At ages 2-3 children use the scooter with the easy to grip toddler handle
  3. At ages 3-5 children use the scooter as a traditional Mini Micro scooter

Three different stages to last your child from aged 1-5 years and all for under £80. Scoot-tastic!

Micro White Scooter – The Micro White scooter (also available in black) is the ultimate in cool for older children and adults wanting a fun, quick and very trendy way to get from A-B.  Whether being used for the school run, the station run or in place of a run(!) the Micro White does it all by;

  • Putting less stress on the back because of its deck which sits low to the ground
  • Having larger wheels means it takes less effort to scoot
  • The front mud guard which protects trousers or skirts from getting dirty when scooting.
  • The quick and simple folding mechanism making the scooter transportable and easy to carry.
  • Priced at £139.95

Rating:   (5/5 stars)


Review: Scooting is really popular at the moment, and you see Micro Scooters everywhere you look on a sunny day at the park. Without a doubt, this is the brand to have, and having been trying these out for the past month, it’s not hard to see why.

We were sent a toddler “3-in-1” scooter and an adult scooter to test – so that Georgie and I could scoot together. We have been having great fun and it is surprisingly good exercise too!

Micro Scooters

The 3-in-1 Mini Micro Scooter comes in two parts; a Mini Micro Scooter which is suitable for ages 3-5, and the conversion kit to turn it into the toddler scooter with an o-ball handle & a seat.

The first stage of the 3-in-1 scooter uses the o-ball handle & seat, turning the three wheel scooter into a stable ride on toy. Georgie understood the concept of this immediately, having had ride on toys in the past, and sat straight down and scooted about happily. The seat fastens easily onto the o-ball handle with an allen key & bolt, and can be set at two different heights depending on the height of your child.

At around two years old you then remove the seat to leave the scooter at the 2nd stage, with just the o-ball handle. The handle is about two thirds the height of the full size Mini Micro handle, and the oval “o” shaped handle is easy for small hands to grip as they scoot along.

For the third stage, the o-ball handle is replaced with the Mini Micro handle, turning the scooter back to a regular Mini Micro Scooter. This stage is recommended for 3 to 5 year olds.


The deck, brake & wheels of the scooter are made from a tough plastic, with both the o-ball & regular handles made from metal with rubber grips. There is plenty of grip on the deck of the scooter to stop kids losing their footing in wet weather, and the scooter seems to be tough enough to cope with the challenges a toddler will throw at it! The handle can be removed fairly easy for transportation, although we found that it fitted into our boot very easily as is.

I love the colourfulness of this scooter and I think Georgie does too. It is so bright and cheerful to look at, with every element a different colour. Micro Scooters do a whole range of colour options and you could also create your own Mini Micro scooter and then buy the o-ball handle & seat if you wanted to be really choosy!

The White Micro Scooter is an adult aluminium scooter suitable for ages 10 upwards. It has two large wheels, a generous sized deck with textured grip & a little kickstand for standing the scooter up when you’re out & about and want a break.

The handle height is fully adjustable, and the scooter folds down quite compactly, with even the handlebars folding down and clipping to the stem of the handle. All the adjustments and folding/unfolding is done easily using a few buttons or clips, and once you have the hang of it you can set it up & fold is back down quickly.

I think that this scooter is really smart & definitely looks “grown up” – you can tell this isn’t a little kids scooter… this means business! Although it is suitable from age 10 upwards, it is perfect for adults to go scooting with their children. The simple black & white design accented with hints of blue & the silver aluminium is very attractive & striking.

Georgie has really enjoyed her scooter and has even been heard exclaiming “I love my scooter!” on a few occasions (one of which was about 30 seconds after standing on it for the first time!). She finds it really easy to move around herself and will stand on it and happily push herself along.

She has yet to completely master steering or a particularly high speed – I have to put this down to the appalling weather and house move related chaos though, as I think with more practise in a bigger space than our living room or patio she will get the hang of things quite quickly. To steer the scooter you merely lean in the direction you want to go, so it is quite intuitive & she has managed a few turns.

We have been using the scooter with the o-ball handle as recommended for 2-3 year olds, but I think Georgie (at 2 & a half) is actually a little bit tall for this handle, as she has to bend over to reach it. She certainly finds it more comfortable to stand either side of the scooter holding the handle, rather than standing on it with either leg or back bent in order to reach it.

Having said this, Georgie is very tall for her age – consistently up at the 91st percentile, she is actually the average height of a three year old already… The o-ball handle height is probably perfect for the recommended age if you don’t have a freakishly tall child! Before packing our belongings into storage we will swap the handles over so that she has a regular Mini Micro to take with us to Cornwall.

Our White Micro Scooter has been a big hit too, and James & I were both amazed at how easy, fast & fun it was. It is good exercise if you really go for it, and I thought that it was surprisingly easy to balance & steer. I was afraid to brake to begin with, as I thought I would fall over – but it turned out to be a lot easier than I was afraid of!

We found it quick & easy to fold the scooter down to fit it in the car boot; after a couple of goes it is certainly fast enough to get down and in the car in a hurry if you get caught in the rain. The kickstand is handy for standing the scooter up if you need to get off and leave it for a minute whilst attending to the kids.

The handle is fully height adjustable although as James and I are both tall we just use it at full height. Neither of us have to hunch over to reach the handle, which makes the ride very comfortable. This scooter is lightweight but tough, feels really well-built & the aluminium frame means that it isn’t too heavy to carry around when folded.

I can definitely state that after a month of scooting that James, Georgie & I are all scooter converts! I am really looking forward to getting out & about with our scooters next year in the park – we are moving to a house with a great park a minute or two walk away in the New Year and it will be perfect for lots of scooting fun!

Georgie gains confidence with her scooter every time she uses it, and I am sure that she will be a high speed accomplished scooting champ before long. James and I have already become addicts and have to take it in turn scooting when we are out.

Both these scooters are well-made, tough scooters that are easy to use, intuitive to steer, and collapse or come apart easily to store or transport. The Mini Micro is super fun & colourful, and the White Micro is smart & attractive. They seem like good value too – a decent bike would cost more than each of these, and I certainly prefer scooting to riding a bike! I know that there are other, cheaper, scooters out there but I find it hard to believe that they equal these in terms of quality, versatility, or the great ride experience.

We have already decided that we will be buying a second Mini Micro Scooter for Lydia’s first birthday in February, to use with the o-ball handle & seat!

We give Micro Scooters 5 stars. I think any child (or adult!) would be absolutely delighted to find one of these scooters under the Christmas tree this year!

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  1. Brilliant review lovely.
    I think you’ve just saved me money too as Harry is quite tall so think I may (still not 100%) bypass the seat and o handle and go straight to scooter for his 2nd birthday.

    Emmy has the maxi micro and loves it and hubby has the adults one.

    I think I’m way too generous and should have kept the adults for myself instead of buying for hubby’s birthday

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