Review: Nonabox UK (Oct 2013 box)

Disclosure: This product was sent to me free of charge by Nonabox to be reviewed. However, as per my PR info disclaimer, this review is my unbiased honest opinion of the product.

logoProduct: Nonabox UK (Oct 2013 box)

Price: £25 for one month, £70 for 3 months, £130 for 6 months, £250 for 12 months (up front payments required to get these savings)

Age Range: Pregnancy to 2 years.

Manufacturer’s Description: Nonabox accompanies you through your pregnancy and your baby´s first two years – Every month we send a box full of specially selected top-quality products, chosen for youand reflecting your stage of motherhood, from pregnancy through your baby’s first two years… The total value of the box is always superior to that of the subscription cost!

We only chose brands that stand out for their quality and usefulness – We do not allow brands to pay to collaborate with Nonabox. It is the experiences of real mothers and your reviews that fill Nonaboxes.

Rating:      (5/5 stars)

October 2013 Nonabox

Review: This is the second Nonabox we have received to review, and I am pleased to say this one was as good as the first, if not better.

A quick introduction to the concept: Nonabox is a subscription box service (similar to the popular beauty boxes) where you pay a regular fee and each month a mystery box of products arrives. The Nonabox is suitable from pregnancy to 2 years, and is customised to suit the age and gender of your baby, or your pregnancy.

I met some of the team at Nonabox at The Baby Show recently and it was great to chat to them about the product. They are obviously passionate about the company and committed to getting this right, which was lovely to see.

I have been gifted a three month subscription of Nonabox in order to review the service and get a good idea of what you get. This is what I got in my second box a few weeks ago…

Cloud B – Sleep Sheep


Well, this is just gorgeous! The sleep sheep plays four different sounds to help soothe your little one to sleep, with two settings for sound effect time length. There is a velcro strap on the back to attach the sheep to the cot if required, and a volume knob to adjust exactly how noisy you want it to be. Georgie gave this sheep lots of big cuddles immediately, and Lydia was quite taken too. This will be living in the girls bedroom to help them snooze.


Pasito a Pasito – Bear Ring Rattle


Although we got the blue one instead of pink (we had a similar problem in the last box – I think Nonabox must have our details confused) this rattle is really lovely. The colour is really sweet and the mixture of painted & natural wood works well. The bell has a sweet ring and Lydia loves to shake this, and chew on it!


Pasito a Pasito – Wooden Dummy Holder


Although Lydia never uses a dummy, she does use teethers! There are a lot of negative comments about including dummy clips in this sort of box but don’t forget it is just as useful to clip a favourite small toy or teether to your child/pushchair. We have used this loads, with various teethers attached. I took it to The Baby Show and it was really useful to keep Lydia’s teether within her grasp but safe from falling to the floor. It is beautifully made and very attractive.


Halos N Horns – Baby Moisturising Lotion


We use this moisturiser regularly with both of our girls, especially Georgie who suffers from dry skin if left unchecked. I have reviewed this in the past and was delighted to get a new tube to put in the cupboard when needed. It’s a lovely light moisturiser which goes on easily, doesn’t leave the skin greasy, and works well with Georgie’s sensitive skin.


MAM – Bite & Relax Soother


Lydia is working furiously on her first tooth and chomping madly on any teether within reach, so I was happy to see this included. The steriliser box it comes with is really useful, especially for young babies. Lydia quite likes this teether. Again, I was sent the blue version but I don’t really care about the colour – although I know some people receiving the box would.


Pebble Uk – Pedi Wand


This foot care item is a nice little addition – something for me to pamper myself a bit with! I will be tackling the bottom of my footsies with this, to be sure. Not a particularly expensive item but it’s good to have something for the mums in there.


Tea Pigs – chamomile tea (2 tea temples)


I am not a fan of herbal tea and two mugs worth of chamomile tea is not likely to change my mind, to be honest. Maybe if they had included a lesser known flavour then I would have been more pleased with this being in the box – although I will at least try it. Some of the Tea Pigs teas look really interesting so it would have been nice to have the chance to try something a little less boring… maybe a tea that doesn’t have a reputation of tasting like pee?


BÉABA 360° spoon


This is a neat little gadget – something that I wouldn’t have bought myself but am interested to give a go with Lydia – she will hold a spoon and eat off it herself now, so she is almost at the stage to use this. If she doesn’t like the twiddling spoon then we can lock it into place and use it as a normal spoon, so there’s no loss with this one. It’s always good to have another spoon to hand!


Ella’s Kitchen – Wakey Wakey Mango & Apple Baby Porridge


Lydia really loves this porridge and we will definitely be buying it again. The screw top cap is SO useful in comparison to the baby porridges that come in foil bags inside boxes – these inevitably end up with loads of powder sat at the bottom of the box or spilt out the sides. This seems to be lasting us much longer than other brands too, and our baby girl gobbles it up every morning.


Waterwipes sample pack – 10 wipes


We had a packet of these in our first box and although I am a fan it is a shame to have a repeat item. Again, it would be nicer to have received a full size packet instead of a small one, but they are handy and we will certainly use them.


This Nonabox had a total value of £84.93!

I was impressed by the first box we received, and that box had a total value of £65. This one is even more impressive.

The products all seem to be fairly well picked for the age of your baby, and we will use almost everything in the box. I’m not sold on herbal tea, I have to admit! Even the box that the goods arrive in is great quality and we have kept both of ours for keeping things in – one has important papers awaiting filing, and the other has been commandeered by Georgie to put toys into.

The boxes are well presented and packed, and are quite attractive when you first open them.

I love that some of the lesser known brands are included in the boxes, and they are a great way to discover new products. I had never seen any BÉABA, Tea Pigs or Pasito a Pasito products before receiving this Nonabox. Halos n Horns and Waterbaby, which was included in the pregnancy October boxes, are both two brands that I love but aren’t that well known, so it’s great to see them included too.

I do think that you seem to get your monies worth with Nonabox, and there is no denying that the anticipated arrival and unpacking of your mystery box is really quite exciting – I love the mystery factor of it all! With such a system there are always going to be a few things that aren’t completely “you” but that is the risk you take with a box like this. It is fun to unpack the unknown treasures that await you inside.

I still think it would be better if you could gift single boxes as I think £70 is a bit much for a “new baby” present or similar for a friend, which is what this would be perfect for. I am considering buying a three month subscription when my new niece or nephew is born next year though!

If we could afford to continue with Nonabox, I think I would definitely consider it – and once we have moved into a new house next year (touch wood!) maybe I can convince James that Lydia & I deserve this fun monthly treat. At the moment all luxuries and treats are on hold!

Our second Nonabox gets five stars.

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  1. Hi Mama Geek, Just to say a big thanks for trying our very small freebie, the PediWand via nonabox. Great review and glad you liked it. Hope you had chance to check out our website so you can see what we’re really about, and of course, to see other footcare products. The Ureka Footcare creams are highly recommended! Kind regards, from the Pebble UK Team.

  2. We have had so many problems with Nonabox – wrong items, missing items, expired food etc. So disappointing. Sadly, they seem to be rip-off merchants.

    And it’s not just us – look at all the negative comments on Facebook! /

    1. It does seem like the company is struggling to fill the boxes well, customise to the recipients as promised, and deliver on time. I have yet to post my December review which was quite disappointing compared to the two previous ones.

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