Review: Princess & The Pea Girls’ Luxury Mattress from The English Mattress Company

Disclosure: This product was sent to me free of charge by The English Mattress Company to be reviewed. However, as per my PR info disclaimer, this review is my unbiased honest opinion of the product.

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Product: Princess & The Pea Girls’ Luxury Mattress from The English Mattress Company

Price: £347.00

Age Range: suitable for toddlers & children

Manufacturer’s Description: We know what a big moment it is for children when they get their first ‘big bed’, and sometimes even more so for mums and dads. So we wanted to make it even more special and exciting for them with a luxury children’s mattress that is made just for them.

So for little girls we have created the Princess and the Pea children’s luxury mattress, which comes complete with a single pea, just like in the fairytale, plus their own name embroidered onto the mattress. For little boys we have the Captain Black children’s luxury mattress, with a plastic ‘gold’ doubloon and a pirate book, as well as their name on the mattress of course.

Rating:   (5/5 stars)

Princess & the Pea Mattress

Review: The English Mattress Company are a family firm that have been making luxury mattresses since 1889. Each mattress is handmade to order, and delivered with a white glove service. When ordering your mattress you can choose between a memory foam or latex foam topper, and embroidered with a personal message of up to 23 characters.

My initial impressions upon receiving this mattress were really great; the mattress was well wrapped for transport, and it looked really well made, super thick and comfy looking, and the embroidered label is really sweet.

Georgie was really excited to see her new mattress, we showed her where her name was on the label, and she was very keen to test it out for bouceability!

This mattress is so much thicker and comfortable than Georgie’s previously much cheaper one, and she is definitely sleeper better and longer since switching to this new mattress. She is impossible to get out of bed in the mornings if we want to wake her up early, and burrows back down under her covers – her bed is one of her favourite places to be.

I think she has certainly snuck in with us less whenever she has had bad dreams or is ill, too – she quite often prefers to curl back up in her own super comfy bed after a cuddle instead of coming into our bed.

There are two plush removable outer cover to the mattress, which you can unzip and take off if need be -although they should not be washed, instead spillages should be absorbed with a dry cloth. The inner cover is made of airflow fabric which allows the air to flow more easily and helps aid moisture control, and the quilted outer cover is made from a special modern stretch fabric and is anti-bacterial and anti-mite.

The outer cover has the embroidered label with a “The Princess & the Pea” logo and your embroidered message. We chose “Night night, Georgiana” as this is how we say goodnight to Georgie each night.

We chose the latex topper – it is a “natural Talalay Latex layer – the most comfortable, durable and supportive material available” – and Georgie certainly seems to find it very comfortable.

I love this idea of having your child’s mattress personalised in this way; for the transition from cot to “big girl bed” it helps to make it that little bit extra special.

Each Princess & the Pea mattress comes with a lovely Usborne children’s book retelling the classic tale in a fun way, and a little wooden pea too – so sweet! Georgie really enjoys the book and it makes a really nice bedtime story. The boys’ “Captain Black” mattresses come with doubloons and a pirate book.

Our mattress was custom made to fit Georgie’s strangely sized Ikea junior bed – it is somewhere between a cotbed size mattress & a single. We sent them the measurements and the fit is absolutely perfect, I was really impressed – it’s a better fit than the original mattress we bought from Ikea!

Of course, it has to be said, this is a premium price product. Realistically, James and I couldn’t have afforded to buy a mattress like this and that shows in the massive difference in comfort and quality between this luxury mattress and the original cheap mattress Georgie was using. Having said that, I do think this mattress is worth the money… I have no doubt that if you are in the position to afford such things and you are looking for a luxury mattress for your little girl, this one is the one to buy.

The quality and workmanship of this mattress is outstanding; the stitching is perfect, the zips are sturdy, and it just all feels really great.

We give this mattress 5 stars; it’s simply gorgeous.

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  1. This looks amazing, like you we could never afford a mattress like that for any of the beds in our house but if we had the money it’s definitely something I’d love to buy x

  2. What a wonderful idea, we’re just looking at moving from a toddler bed to a single bed for Monkey. He’d love the pirate theme idea. Will have to bookmark!

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