Recent Reads – Books for Summer

Nobody wants to read anything too serious when summertime rolls around, do they? I know I certainly don’t. Not that my reading is usually so very high brow, of course, but when the sun is shining and I’m lazing in the park with a book as the girls play, I just want some happy fluffy fiction on my beloved Kindle. Not all of the books in… Continue Reading “Recent Reads – Books for Summer”

You Choose – Georgie’s favourite book

Georgie and Lydia have a lot of books, all over the house. We have bedtime story books, board books, and stacks of downstairs books that they read with me & James, or by themselves. Ever since we got You Choose, by Pippa Goodhart & Nick Sharrat, it has been her firm favourite. I think I picked it up for a few pounds in a charity… Continue Reading “You Choose – Georgie’s favourite book”

Quick Reads with Galaxy Chocolate

Disclosure: I was sent two Quick Reads paperbacks and a bar of Galaxy as a thank you for posting about the Quick Reads scheme. This post reflects my unbiased opinion. When I was offered some books and chocolate to enjoy, I wasn’t about to say no. I am a book addict… I’m one of those people whose Kindle accompanies them everywhere, and I never go… Continue Reading “Quick Reads with Galaxy Chocolate”

Library books we’ve been loving lately

Ooh, I do love a bit of alliteration in a title! As regular readers of my blog will know, our two girls and I have been staying with my parents since mid-December, while we wait for our house purchase to complete. Although Mum & Dad have a very impressive selection of books suitable for babies & toddlers, we have been supplementing the collection with additional… Continue Reading “Library books we’ve been loving lately”

Recent Reads: My Christmas reading!

I tried to “unplug” from the internet a bit over Christmas. I spent a week or so just playing with my children, enjoying the holiday with my family, and cherishing the time spent with my husband before he went back to Birmingham to stay with his Mum & go earn the pennies to pay for the house we are buying! Most of the blogging I… Continue Reading “Recent Reads: My Christmas reading!”

Giveaway: 64 Zoo Lane books, by An Vrombaut

Hodder Children’s Books are offering a fantastic prize for me to giveaway this month; I have five sets of three 64 Zoo Lane books to giveaway, signed by the author An Vrombaut! We all love books in this house, and to my great pleasure Georgie is growing up to be a little bookworm just like her Mummy, so I’m really pleased to be bringing you this… Continue Reading “Giveaway: 64 Zoo Lane books, by An Vrombaut”

Giveaway: Pinkabella book bundle from Parragon Books

This afternoon I have a bundle of Pinkabella books from Parragon Books up for grabs, worth £18! Pinkabella is every pink-obsessed 4-6 year old girl’s new best friend! With a striking tumble of bright pink hair, a love of all things pink, glittery and sparkly, a wonderful best friend called Violet (guess what Violet’s favourite colour is…?) and two cute pets, she’s the perfect companion.… Continue Reading “Giveaway: Pinkabella book bundle from Parragon Books”

Review: Worlds Apart Girls Patchwork Sling Bookcase

This sling bookcase, from the same World’s Apart range as Georgie’s new table & stool set, was a perfect item for us to review. Georgie is an avid reader and has definitely inherited her mother’s love of books! Frankly, we were starting to run out of places to keep her books, so a new bookcase is a welcome addition to our furniture collection!… Continue Reading “Review: Worlds Apart Girls Patchwork Sling Bookcase”

Didn’t you know? Books are for piling!

Georgie has become a little bit obsessed with piling books lately. She still enjoys reading them, but is really into piling her books too. As we have been working on her little library for over two years now, she has quite a few books to pile up. Piles can get to pretty epic proportions, and she gets incredibly upset when they fall over. Unfortunately, she… Continue Reading “Didn’t you know? Books are for piling!”

Giveaway: My Little Big Town books for older readers

The lovely folk over at My Little Big Town have sent me some of their books to giveaway, and next up is this bundle aimed at older readers aged 7+. Gorgeous George & The Giant Geriatric Generator by Stuart Reid, illustrated by Calvin Innes – Ages 9+ Bogies, baddies, bagpipes and bums! Farting, false teeth and fun! Gorgeous George and the Giant Geriatric Generator begins… Continue Reading “Giveaway: My Little Big Town books for older readers”

Giveaway: My Little Big Town books for younger readers

The lovely folk over at My Little Big Town have sent me some of their books to giveaway, and first up is this bundle aimed at younger readers aged 5 to 8. Stuart the Bug Eating Man by Calvin Innes (A Tiny Twisted Tale) – Ages 5-8 Stuart would eat bugs, with his fork and with his knife. Much to the disgust, of Harriet his… Continue Reading “Giveaway: My Little Big Town books for younger readers”

A new way to read touchy feely books!

In our house, there seems to be a new way to read “touchy feely” books. Georgie has long been a fan of books such as the “That’s not my…” Usborne series, which have different textures on each page, with a describing word to go with it. Now, however, instead of feeling each textured area herself Georgie has started to hold onto the finger of whoever… Continue Reading “A new way to read touchy feely books!”