Library books we’ve been loving lately

Ooh, I do love a bit of alliteration in a title! As regular readers of my blog will know, our two girls and I have been staying with my parents since mid-December, while we wait for our house purchase to complete.

Although Mum & Dad have a very impressive selection of books suitable for babies & toddlers, we have been supplementing the collection with additional books from the library. Georgie and Dad have been making weekly pilgrimages to the local library to enjoy their half-hour story time for toddlers, and rotate the books taken out on Georgie’s library card.


As you can imagine, some of these books have been massive successes, and some, not so much. Here are a few of the books that Georgie and Lydia have read over & over again.

Usborne Baby’s Very First Books

We have had a few of the books out from this range now, and Lydia has really enjoyed them – she really likes looking at books that explore different textures. In particular, Baby’s very first touchy-feely playbook has been a big hit this week. We also had the smaller bedtime book and animals book out a few weeks ago, which she liked very much.

I am pleased to see there are more in the range, and will seek them out at the library after we have moved. I might even splash out and buy a few to add to our extensive library at home, as she likes them so much! Here are a few that I have my eye on…

Something Beginning with Blue

Georgie adores this book, and it is one of the first that we read each day at the moment. As you read the book, you see through the eyes of each face to see the colour of whatever is beyond. The illustrations are really lovely and the rhyming text is really nice to read aloud. Georgie likes to “guess” what the children are looking at – although of course she has them all memorised!

Ladybird Touch-and-Feel: This Little…

This particular Ladybird range is one that both Georgie and Lydia enjoy, although Georgie (who will be three in May) is probably getting a bit old for them really! They both seem to like the bright colours and sweet illustrations, and while Lydia has great fun touching all the different textures, Georgie enjoys finishing off my sentences as I read it aloud to them.

We already have This Little Kitten and This Little Puppy, which are both favourites in our home book collection.

From the library we have been enjoying This Little Dinosaur and This Little Monkey. I have to say though, This Little Builder has been a complete failure – both girls have looked at it once and it has been left ignored since.

I’d like to try out some of the other range too, in particular This Little Ladybird, This Little Bunny, and This Little Chick. They all look so sweet!

The library really is a great way to test out different books and series to see what the kids might like. We often discover new authors and book series’ that the girls enjoy, and then go on to buy ourselves copies of the same books, or other books from the same ranges.

Also, at this young age they might only like certain types of books for a few months before moving onto the next style – for example small babies enjoying black & white high contrast books, before shortly moving onto bright colours and textures. It’s a good way to read lots of different books with your child, without breaking the bank buying loads of different books.

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