Thinking ahead: our house plans

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Around this time five years ago, we had our offer on this house accepted and were preparing to purchase our first house. We didn’t get the keys until March the following year, but we knew which house we’d be moving in to – and boy, does it need a lot of improvement.

The barebones of the house are ok; there was nothing scary on the surveyors report – but it was so ugly when we moved in! Two of the bedrooms had Lino just sitting on top of dirty floorboards, and the third one had a wishy washy green ceiling – and still does.

We are doing up the house at a rate of around one room a year, as each room we’ve tackled so far has required quite a lot of work and money spent on it to do it up. We’ve done everything ourselves, from sanding and sealing the floorboards, to removing vents and patching up walls, and everything in between. My office was the last big project we tackled, last year – we took a year off major DIY projects this year and just sorted some smaller issues out.

My home office

On our list for the next few years is sprucing up the the bathroom on a budget, redecorating our bedroom (which seems to slip further down our todo list every year) and completely redoing the kitchen. When we moved in we hoped we could get away with replacing the cupboard doors and redoing the decor on the walls, but unfortunately both the flooring and the units haven’t held up as well as we hoped, so it looks like we’ll be redoing it completely.

This is a good thing really, if more expensive! We can rearrange the kitchen to suit our needs better, including making better use of the wall space to have more cupboards above the work surface. I’d like to completely redo the floor especially as the current lino has been ruined where the fridge freezer broke down and leaked all over it. I’m not sure whether I want a nice laminate flooring or a tough vinyl yet, I suspect I’ll be in two minds about this until about a week before we fit the flooring!

At some point we’ll actually get the hallway sorted too – we’re so used to the bare walls we don’t notice it anymore. It seems silly to spruce it up and then heave furniture around to redo rooms upstairs and downstairs, damaging the new walls in the process. However… it might have bare plaster board on the walls but thanks to James’s ongoing mission to make the house smart the lights turn on and off automatically.

So there you have it – our plans for the house. I think our first job is to finish our big sort out we’ve been working through this year, and get rid of some of the clutter.

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