Wednesday Wishlist: Maclaren Accessories

Maclaren Techno XLR

We have a Maclaren Techno XLR pushchair for Georgie, which I absolutely love! We’ve been using it since she was born, and we also got the accompanying Recaro car seat that clips in and turns it into a travel system. Most importantly, Georgie likes it too… She has racked up quite a few hours fast asleep on the seat in the ‘lie flat’ position!

The pushchair is, however, a little bit bland. We chose the black & champagne (light brown!) colour combination because we wanted it to be gender neutral – we didn’t know our little one’s sex until she was born – but it is a little… dull. And so I have been happily browsing the House of Baby looking at the different accessories you can buy for our beloved pushchair – in particular, the reversible liners, some of which are simply gorgeous!

These are my top 3 liners:

And then, of course, you need a matching parasol – here are my top 3:

I also really want one of these bumper bars, to attach Georgie’s various pram toys to:

But… back in the real world now. I think the only thing I’ll be buying for Georgie’s pushchair in the near future is some WD-40 – the wheels are getting a little squeaky!

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