Birmingham, the green city

One of the things I love about living in Birmingham is that despite living in a city, you are never too far away from a park. There are nearly 600 parks in the city, with a total area of over 8000 acres meaning that our home city has more land dedicated to parks and open spaces than any other European city. That’s pretty amazing!

Wherever we have lived in Birmingham, we have always been within a 10 minute walk of at least one park, and quite often two. Our new home is no exception, and you only have to walk for about a minute before you find yourself on the edge of a lovely park complete with two play areas and long smooth pathways perfect for cycling or running. There are six million trees in this city, and our new local park certainly has its fair share.


Despite the to-do list that is actually longer than my arm, and the piles of boxes waiting to be unpacked, I took the opportunity that the sunny morning presented yesterday and headed to the park to explore with my girls. James took them already at the weekend, but this was my first excursion to the smaller toddler-friendly play area, and I was keen to check it out.


The play equipment there is great and Georgie had loads of fun. The park itself is fairly large and mostly laid to grass; I can see that it will be fantastic in the summer to walk over there with a picnic and relax with the girls. A little brook runs through the park so Georgie gets to enjoy the excitement of crossing a bridge every time we go!

It was Lydia’s first excursion in big girl shoes; she wore Georgie’s old Skeanies that we reviewed many moons ago, and did quite well considering it was her first time ever wearing stiff soles! I wore her in my wrap to the play area, then let her toddle about and play while Georgie charged around. Them both enjoying the swings together was a sweet moment that I will treasure and one I hope to repeat often.

After strapping Lydia onto my back Georgie and I headed onwards to Tesco to pick up some nibbles for lunch, and to see how long it took to walk there from where we live. As a side note, I was very proud of myself for managing to get Lydia up onto my back and strapped on in one try – it was the first time I have attempted a back carry without someone there to help me with the straps, and only the fourth or fifth time I have done that tie at all.

Of course, we manged to get caught in a light shower on our way back from Tesco – typical! So much for the cloudless sky and beautiful sunny morning.


I am pleased that some of our council tax goes towards maintaining and developing Birmingham’s green spaces – there is something so mood lifting about being able to walk out of your door and find yourself surrounded by grass and trees within a few minutes, despite living in a city. A lot of people only know Birmingham from the centre and what they see from the train line, but on further inspection I think they’d find that this city is not as grey as it appears to be.

Here’s to many more enjoyable outings to our park, I think we will be stopping at the play area often in future, as walking through the park is the fastest way to get to quite a few places around here!

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11 thoughts on “Birmingham, the green city

  1. That does look a fun park. And you’re so right, as a fellow Birmingham resident, there are plenty of parks and green spaces here, and we’re lucky enough to live by the biggest, Sutton Park. Glad you found time to get out, despite the unpacking and busy week!

  2. I’m trying to work it where that is but failing! Looks like a great play area. And you’re right, we have so many green spaces in this city that escape and outdoor fun are never too far way.

  3. I’ve been to Birmingham a few times and I must admit I always head to the city centre, it’s great to know that they are preserving some green spaces within the community for families to enjoy. It looks like the girls had a great time and I hope that you are all settling in well. Thanks for linking up and sharing with Country Kids.

  4. Oh that’s such a luxury having so much green space around. I’ve only been to Birmingham once on a flying visit, must go again at some point x

  5. That is an amazing number of parks. You can’t beat getting out and exploring a new park. Play equipment is so lovely now, a lot safer than in the 80’s aren’t they. Looks like our local play area with the colourful floor. Bring on the summer and picnics.

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