Exploring the “deep, dark, woods”

We are lucky to live less than a 15 minute drive from Lickey Hills Country Park, a beautiful area south of Birmingham filled with trees and wildlife. Last weekend we headed over to the country park for an afternoon to have an “adventure” and enjoy the lovely weather. Georgie loved playing and exploring in what she immediately called the “deep, dark, woods” and had a whale… Continue Reading “Exploring the “deep, dark, woods””

Enjoying the sunshine & flowers!

We have been having lots of fun over the last few days, enjoying the garden in the sunshine, especially since the trampoline we treated the girls to arrived on Wednesday. We built it after bedtime and Georgie was jumping on it straight after breakfast on Thursday morning, still in her PJs. I am really enjoying all the beautiful flowers that are coming out in succession… Continue Reading “Enjoying the sunshine & flowers!”

Easter at Hanbury Hall

Last year we were staying with my parents down in Cornwall for Easter, and we visited Buckland Abbey to take part in the National Trust Easter Egg Trail, supported by Cadbury. As it was such a success, we were keen to head to one of our local National Trust places to do a trail this year. We hoped to go to Clent Hills but unfortunately… Continue Reading “Easter at Hanbury Hall”

Exploring the garden, and beyond

After a week of bad weather and waiting inside for deliveries, the girls and I headed outside yesterday to explore our garden, and take a short walk around the area. The garden is lovely; although it is not huge the previous owner filled with with flowering plants and spring bulbs, so we have daffodils in the front & back gardens, as well as other flowers… Continue Reading “Exploring the garden, and beyond”

Birmingham, the green city

One of the things I love about living in Birmingham is that despite living in a city, you are never too far away from a park. There are nearly 600 parks in the city, with a total area of over 8000 acres meaning that our home city has more land dedicated to parks and open spaces than any other European city. That’s pretty amazing! Wherever we… Continue Reading “Birmingham, the green city”

Gardening with Grandad

Over the past week we have finally had some good weather, and we have all been out in the garden much more. The mud has dried up and signs of spring are every where. Mum and Dad have started their spring gardening, and Georgie and I were lending a hand. Last weekend Dad mowed the lawn with the newly named “Freddie the Flymo” and we… Continue Reading “Gardening with Grandad”

An afternoon at The Weir

James is currently down in Cornwall visiting us, and so we decided to make the most of the good(ish) weather yesterday afternoon and head out for lunch and a walk. Every time we have driven to Bude I have noticed The Weir restaurant with it’s enticing children’s play area, and have been hankering to check it out. Yesterday was the day! We ate a really… Continue Reading “An afternoon at The Weir”

Lambing time

WARNING: Squeamish readers may not want to read this post, there are some quite gory photos of just-birthed lambs! My parents live in a fairly remote Cornish village, and there are several farms within walking distance of their house. Lambing season is just starting, and one of the farmers has begun the long days of overseeing his flock as lots of lambs are being born.… Continue Reading “Lambing time”

Fun in the foam!

Last Sunday, we had lunch with a family friend who lives fairly near to Widemouth Bay, a beautiful beach on the North Cornwall coast. When we visit Mum and Dad in the summer and have beach days, more often than not we can be found building sandcastles on this beach. However, when we decided to make the most of the sunshine and take the girls… Continue Reading “Fun in the foam!”

Treasure hunting adventures

A couple of times this week there were a few hours of actual sunshine. On Tuesday, Georgie spent the entirety of breakfast excitedly announcing “it’s sunny!” or “it’s not raining!” Needless to say, I grabbed the opportunity to get out for some fresh air for a few hours with the kids. I’ve been meaning to give geocaching a try, and this seemed like the time… Continue Reading “Treasure hunting adventures”

Good riddance to a damp & miserable January!

I am so pleased that today marks the start of a new month, as January has been a bit (OK, a lot) of a wash-out. I’m hoping that the girls & I’s noses will stop streaming, my throat will stop stinging with each swallow, and that the pleas Georgie were singing at the sky through the car’s glass roof will be answered… “Rain, rain, go… Continue Reading “Good riddance to a damp & miserable January!”

It’s Daddy!

James is currently visiting for the weekend, arriving after bedtime on Friday evening. Lydia just about saw him for a quick cuddle before heading up to bed, but Georgie’s first glimpse of him was this morning when she woke up, and her morning greeting was a very excited… “It’s Daddy!” Both our little girls are very pleased to see their Daddy – for the first… Continue Reading “It’s Daddy!”

Playground fun!

Yesterday we had a great morning. A simple outing to Camelford took us several hours, and was lots & lots of fun for the girls! First a trip to the playground and then the library, with a small side trip into a charity shop on the way back to the car. Georgie thoroughly approved of Camelford’s playground, as it had climbing and sliding things, swinging… Continue Reading “Playground fun!”