Toby Carvery – perfect for those Manic Mumdays!

December has been a really busy month – in fact motherhood in general seems to be a very busy “occupation” with so much to juggle; keeping on top of the laundry, making sure your children have everything they need for school, squeezing in time for work and maybe even the odd moment for yourself.… Continue Reading “Toby Carvery – perfect for those Manic Mumdays!”

Fiesta del Asado – Could these be the best steaks in Birmingham?

On Thursday night we headed to Fiesta del Asado, “Birmingham’s first Argentine Asado restaurant,” to try out their menu and review the restaurant. James and I had both been drooling over the menu online for several days in anticipation, and were definitely looking forward to our evening.

We often eat out with the kids in tow, so they came along with us, and I’m pleased to report that all four of us enjoyed it very much indeed!… Continue Reading “Fiesta del Asado – Could these be the best steaks in Birmingham?”

An afternoon at The Weir

James is currently down in Cornwall visiting us, and so we decided to make the most of the good(ish) weather yesterday afternoon and head out for lunch and a walk. Every time we have driven to Bude I have noticed The Weir restaurant with it’s enticing children’s play area, and have been hankering to check it out. Yesterday was the day! We ate a really… Continue Reading “An afternoon at The Weir”

A toddler free evening!

While we were down in Cornwall last week, James asked my parents if they would babysit Georgie for an evening so that he could take me out for a date. It had been so long since we have been out for a meal together without our toddler in tow that I’d almost forgotten what it was like to go out without one. There were no… Continue Reading “A toddler free evening!”