How to give your WordPress blog an MOT (Part 1)

Hi, welcome to Part 1 of my WordPress MOT blog series, following my recent session on the subject at the BlogOn Conference. Part 1 covers the first few topics of my session; how to “tidy up your blog & quick tips to improve blog appearance”. I hope you find it useful! Please note: these tips are primarily for self-hosted WordPress blogs but some do apply… Continue Reading “How to give your WordPress blog an MOT (Part 1)”

WordPress session

How to give your WordPress blog an MOT (Intro)

On Sunday I spoke at the fantastic BlogOn Conference, about WordPress, sharing my favourite tips & tricks. I haven’t done any kind of public speaking or presentations since university so it was quite a challenge to get up there and talk about WordPress to all these bloggers! I have been using WordPress for over ten years, building my own sites and tinkering with the code.… Continue Reading “How to give your WordPress blog an MOT (Intro)”


My “Golden Build” Hackintosh

My late-2011 MacBook Pro has been good to me and served us well for years, but for work and editing videos it has it’s limitations. I’ve been using it with an external monitor for a second screen, but it was awkward and took up a lot of desk space. Video editing was ok, but could be better – for heavy graphic and video work the… Continue Reading “My “Golden Build” Hackintosh”

Crowdfunding – why I love it & my favourite projects

Crowdfunding is a brilliant concept. Everything from personal fundraising to indie films to product development can be helped along by crowdfunding, and the internet has several great sites to set your project up and get funded. I’ve backed several projects, mainly on kickstarter and indiegogo. One or two of these have been cancelled, but mostly I have had an overwhelmingly positive experience of being a backer.… Continue Reading “Crowdfunding – why I love it & my favourite projects”

Review: GamerPrint Scumm Bar T-shirt

We discovered the GamerPrint brand when we visited EGX last month, and James bought one of their fabulously geeky yet stylish Mario t-shirts. When we got back home we checked out their site, and I was delighted to see that they stocked Monkey Island t-shirts too, something I’ve never seen before.… Continue Reading “Review: GamerPrint Scumm Bar T-shirt”

EGX: Our pick of (mostly) family friendly games

We really enjoyed EGX, and had fun checking out all the newest family-friendly games – as well as a few of what we call our “after bedtime” games! With the kids These are games that the girls, Georgie in particular, would enjoy playing with us.  Super Mario Maker Wii U Nintendo We are big Mario fans in our household so when we got to EGX… Continue Reading “EGX: Our pick of (mostly) family friendly games”

How we protect our gadgets

We are a very geeky household, with gadgets for both the adults and children. With a two year old and a four year old to contend with, it makes sense to try and keep our gadgets from harm by using protective cases. I’ve been using iPhones, iPads and kindles for years now, so here are my (budget friendly!) recommendations for keeping those precious gadgets safe. For… Continue Reading “How we protect our gadgets”

Found in the girls Camera Roll

The girls share my husband’s old iPad, which lives in an iGuy protective case, and is filled with fun and educational apps. Georgie is very creative lately and has some great drawing apps, as well as other silly apps that end up with the ability to save something to the camera roll. Both Georgie and Lydia end up saving all sorts of randomness to the… Continue Reading “Found in the girls Camera Roll”

Geeking Out: iOS 8, for parents

Any geeky apple fan will know that Apple are currently holding their 2014 Worldwide Developers Conference. It kicked off yesterday with their opening keynote, the highlight of the conference for those of us interested in the future of iOS – the operating system that iPhones & iPads run on. Basically, on Monday Apple gave everyone a sneak preview of what your phone will be able… Continue Reading “Geeking Out: iOS 8, for parents”

The Great British Type Off! #GBTypeOff

What ‘type’ of typer are you? That is the question Microsoft are trying to help people answer with their #GBTypeOff tour… You can take their handy quiz online, or visit them at one of their tour locations to take a look at their different keyboards, chat to them about the wonders of typing, and find out what kind of typist you are. We headed over… Continue Reading “The Great British Type Off! #GBTypeOff”