Review: Harvard Blue Fir Pre-Lit 7.5Ft 500 Led Artificial Christmas Tree

Disclosure: This product was sent to me free of charge by Direct Line to be reviewed. However, as per my PR info disclaimer, this review is my unbiased honest opinion of the product.

All In OneProduct: Harvard Blue Fir Pre-Lit 7.5Ft 500 Led Artificial Christmas Tree

Price: £229.99 RRP

Age Range: n/a

National Tree Company

Manufacturer’s Description: This Pre-lit Light Blue Fir With Cones Has A Classic Frosty Look And A High Tip Count, Giving A Very Dense & Full Appearance Without Taking Up Too Much Space. A Popular Choice With Our Customers, This Tree Has Consistently Been One Of Our Best Sellers.

Includes 500 Low Voltage Soft White Led & Plastic Caps-bs.

Rating: (4/5 stars)


Review: Just before Christmas, we were contacted with the offer of a gift from Direct Line of a brand new artificial Christmas tree. I appreciate that this review may have been more useful posted in early December, but the tree arrived in the nick of time on Christmas Eve, just hours before we planned to decorate the house. It’s a good thing my parents like to stick to the traditional 12 days of Christmas for decoration!

This Harvard Blue pre-lit tree is made by National Tree Company, and sold in the UK online at All in One Garden & Leisure. The one we received is 7.5ft tall, but it is also available in 4.5ft & 5.5ft options too. You can also get all three of these size trees with no lights.

The 7.5ft tree we received came in three sections, as well as a base to stand it on. The sections were well packed into the box, with plastic caps on the metal ends to prevent damage. As you put the sections of tree together, all of the branches fall down into place, ready to be “shaped” (aka fluffed!) into place. My parents’ previous tree was a pain in the rear end as each branch had to be slotted into place individually and it took absolutely ages, so I much prefer this folding down design.

To hook up the lights, you connect the three sections of tree up to each other, and to the power cable, with small plugs that slot in to each other, and screw together for security. The fact all the electrical cable secures together in this way is great as far as I am concerned, as I would otherwise worry about our baby pulling two bits of wire apart and putting an end in her mouth, if given half a chance!

The tree is very attractive and one of the most realistic artificial Christmas trees that I have seen, with different thicknesses of foliage, and fir cones. The tips of the branches have been given a frosty look which gives a lovely overall effect, especially with the generous LED lighting nestled among the branches.

I find pre-lit trees very convenient as stringing lights onto a Christmas tree, whether artificial or real, can be an absolute nightmare. It is so much easier to just connect the sections of lights up, plug them in, and you’re done!

The tree is a lovely  shape with a wide base of 1.4m – plenty of space underneath to put your Christmas presents. The bottom section secures into the base with thumb screws, and I had no fears about the children being able to pull it over.

We decorated our tree with a red & gold colour scheme which looked great with the green-blue fir tree and white lights. The fir cones were a great addition to our normal decorations, and the whole thing looked fantastic. It looked really lovely from outside too, with the lights shining brightly and making all the decorations sparkle.

At 7.5ft, it is a very tall tree. My parents live in a cottage with low ceilings so it was right up against the ceiling of their bay window. When we took the tree back down again, we experimented with taking the bottom third away and just having the top two sections sat in the base.

It definitely looked better in the space, and it’s great to have this option if need be. I know that when James and I were looking at trees previously when we were renting our house, we were worried & so didn’t get one that would be too big for possible future homes! The second section was secure enough in the base to do this, and as all the wire connectors are the same you can leave out the third section of lights and still have the lighting working.

I think that you definitely get what you pay for, as this tree is so much better than the one James and I have – which in storage at the moment! We bought our pre-lit one from Asda in 2012, and it was about a quarter of the price, but it is shorter, with less lights and is certainly less realistic, hasn’t got as much foliage or volume, and the quality just isn’t a match.

Having said that, realistically we just wouldn’t spend this much on a tree that is only up for about 3 or 4 weeks, even if it does last years and years. If your budget does stretch to ~£200 for your next Christmas tree though, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this one.

We give this pre-lit artificial Christmas tree 4 out of 5 stars.