Review: ParcelGenie Gift Giving Service


Product: ParcelGenie (iPhone app)

Price: £0.99 to £11.99 (keep an eye on their twitter account though, as they occasionally have promo items at 49p though!)

Age Range: n/a

Manufacturer’s Description: We’ve made sending a real gift as quick and easy as sending a text message. With the ParcelGenie app you can send affordable real prezzies to anyone with a mobile phone and you don’t even need to know their address. The best bit is they’ll find out about the gift instantly.

So you can react to what’s going on in a friend’s world straight away by sending a little gift to say anything from “Hi” or “I love you” to “good luck” or “happy birthday”.

Rating: (4/5 stars)

Review: I love to be able to do random little things in order to make my friends smile, and ParcelGenie caters to that personality quirk brilliantly by making it incredibly easy to send your friends little gifts.

The basic concept is that you use the smartphone app (in my case iPhone, but they also have Windows Phone 7 & Android apps) to pick a present for a friend, then compose a message and enter their mobile number. You can choose from your contact list so you don’t have to know the number off by heart if you already have it in your phone, which is handy. Your friend receives a text to let them know that a friend has sent them a “real gift” with easy peasy instructions to text back their address for delivery. They also get your personal message as a message from your number, which is a nice touch. A day or two later, their mystery parcel arrives in the post and all is revealed!


The price range and selection of items is perfect – from small token pressies just to let your friends know that you are thinking of them, like dipdabs, mini packs of love hearts or haribo, to larger gifts for “proper presents” – stuff like a box of Thornton’s chocolates or a desktop ping-pong set! There is pretty much something for everyone, whether it is a silly gift or a sentimental one – or just a yummy slab of dairy milk!


I have used it a few times now and have always been impressed with the service – the gifts arrive nicely wrapped, well packaged and I have been very pleased with how quickly my friends have received their treats. I even sent out half a dozen gifts on Valentine’s Day and they all arrived the day after being accepted which was very impressive considering how busy they must have been.

The app itself is fairly easy to use and the customer service on twitter is really excellent – they are a great and friendly support team.

A couple of my friends have even sent me pressies and I have loved the excitement of not knowing what was winging its way to me in the postal system after receiving their mysterious texts!

My mystery ParcelGenie package from Cazz!

The main problem I have encountered with the system is that my friends sometimes thought that they were spam text messages and so ignored them. The app does let you enter their address after you’ve sent the texts, to “speed up delivery” – but it doesn’t alert you to the fact that they didn’t reply with their address (or if it does, it doesn’t do it within 24 hours which is when I nagged my friends to reply after checking manually!). They do text you when your gift has been accepted by your friend though, which is helpful.

Also, unfortunately, I have started to experience crashing with the latest update on the iPhone app but hopefully this is just a temporary problem which will be fixed soon!

All in all, a fantastic little app to help you put a smile on the faces of those you love. 4 out of 5 stars!

Edit: Since writing the above someone from ParcelGenie has got in touch and asked me to delete & reinstall the app, which seems to have resolved the crashing. My order history reappeared in the app as soon as I entered my phone number in the Settings tab & reverified via text message. Yay!

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17 thoughts on “Review: ParcelGenie Gift Giving Service

  1. I love this app too, but as you have said it crashes. I’ve got an android phone and it did take me about 5attempts to try send something. but I must say once you get it working it’s great. the price isn’t too bad especially when the post it next day and it’s so beautifully wrapped! I’ve been happy with this app and if they could fix the crashes and some how find a way of letting friends know it isn’t spam then this would be a 5star app. thanks for introducing it to me Zoe x

  2. I ordered something a couple of weeks ago, and it’s still not arrived. This is getting rather annoying as it was meant to be a fun birthday present.

    1. Have you got in touch with them? Unfortunately Parcelgenie are at the mercy of the Royal Mail so presents can get lost in the post. This happened with one of my gifts and they sent out a replacement, with a little something extra too as an apology. Try getting in touch with them via twitter, they’ve always been great to me.

      Of course, it’s entirely possible your friend has ignored the message – did you check this?

      1. Hi. After writin my comment they got in touch with me and sent a replacement out which arrived pretty swiftly. Have ordered again with them since and it arrived quickly 🙂

    2. Hi there,
      Sorry to hear that you have had a problem with the delivery of your birthday present. We are indeed at the mercy of Royal Mail but please get in touch with us at with your details and we will be happy to send out another present to your friend.
      Kind Regards, The Parcelgenie Team.

    3. my mum has deleted her tx from parcelgenie by mistake. what number does she need to text with her name and full address to?

  3. Same here ive been waiting a few days for it to arrive now, ive ssen a few reviews that say the item has been delivered the next day

    1. Have you contacted their support or twitter? They have always been very helpful in the past if something hasn’t turned up within a day or two.

    1. Like I’ve said before, unfortunately they are at the mercy of the Royal Mail – and we all know they’re not infallible! Parcelgenie, however, have always proved to be brilliant about their customer service whenever I, or friends of mine, have contacted them. If you email them at they will resend the item for you.

    1. Have you tried contacting support? As I’ve previously noted they are really great at sending out replacements if parcels go astray with Royal Mail. And it’s not too late, it could still arrive today! 🙂

      It’s worth checking with your friend whether they accepted it and gave the right details, too. Does it say it has been dispatched on your order history screen?

  4. I ordered one and when the recepient sent their address back they were sent another message saying that they were going to be charged for the message. I have paid for everything my end and cannot understand why he would be charged further. Have sent several today and his is the only one that has done this

  5. I have sent out a gift by mistake to the wrong mobile number/ home address, ordered about ten mins ago and emailed the support parcelgenie email address quickly after i noticed. Will this be able to be changed!!! If not one of my gifts is going to the wrong person. Thanks

    1. Sorry, I am not affiliated with Parcelgenie or have any direct contact with them. Hopefully the support team will be able to help you!

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