Review: PurFlo Breathable Mattress

Disclosure: This product was sent to me free of charge by PurFlo to be reviewed. However, as per my PR info disclaimer, this review is my unbiased honest opinion of the product.

PurFlo logoProduct: PurFlo Breathable Mattress

Price: £109.95 for cot size & £129.95 for cot bed size

Age Range: birth – toddler

Manufacturer’s Description: All parents, whether their attitude to parenting is relaxed or over cautious will at some point worry about Cot Death (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome SIDS). That first night when your baby ‘sleeps through’ all parents have that slight dread when walking into the nursery that their baby has not suffered from the syndrome.

Continual research into the Sudden Infant Death Syndrome highlighted possible links with fire retardant chemicals in foam baby mattresses, CO2 pooling and overheating. The PurFlo mattress reduces all of thess possibilities.

The PurFlo mattress replaces the conventional foam mattress with a fully breathable, fully washable, foam-free mattress. An essential product to help parent’s minds be at peace while their baby sleeps.

The only fully washable cot mattress, the PurFlo mattress provides a genuine dust-mite free environment for babies, helping to prevent the harmful build-up of allergens which are known to aggravate childhood allergies such as Asthma and Eczema.

Rating: (5/5 stars)

PurFlo Breathable Mattress

Review: When I first saw the design of the PurFlo Breathable Mattress, I must confess to being both slightly skeptical and intrigued, in equal measures.

With the idea of hammocks in my mind I could see why what is essentially a mattress surface of suspended material would be incredibly comfortable, but I was concerned about whether Lydia would find is supportive enough to sleep soundly. I’m pleased to report that my worrying was in vain; she loves it.

I had never seen a mattress be delivered in a box before, or indeed one that I had to assemble myself. The Purflo mattress is formed of several bars that slot together with sturdy plastic connectors to form the frame of the mattress. Over this frame, the cover of the mattress is pulled, before being tightened with six straps; four one way and two the other. These straps are tucked in and completely covered by a velcro-ed flap of material which folds over the end of the mattress.

Most of the mattress cover is made from a breathable material which forms the “SleepSurface” and allows air to flow through the mattress. Where the bars run under the cover, a thicker padded material is used to make the edges of the mattress comfortable.

Due to the frame design of this mattress it is slightly thicker than a regular cot mattress, which might be a slight issue if you have a child/monkey who is starting to attempt cot escapades.

Lydia has been using the PurFlo mattress for a couple of months now, and she has been sleeping better than ever. When we put her down for nap time or bedtime she rarely complains, and loves to snuggle up to her ewan and lie straight down to sleep. She sleeps around 10 to 11 hours at night and will quite happily sit in her cot playing for half an hour when she wakes up, too.

We love our PurFlo mattress so much that we decided to take it away with us on our recent caravan holiday. It’s a standard cot mattress size as far as length & width are concerned, so it fitted easily into our trusty travel cot and proved to be much more comfortable for Lydia than the included thin & rustly mattress. Taking it with us was only possible due to the small amount of space the mattress takes when you break it down into it’s individual components – making it easier to store between children too.

Lydia sometimes suffers from bad patches of eczema, particularly on the back of her knees. I think that this mattress has helped to alleviate the problem slightly, although of course it’s hard to tell for sure as there are so many factors that affect her skin. It is certainly helping to keep her cooler now that the warm weather is here, particularly at nap time when the sun is streaming into their bedroom.

Another factor in mattress choice is the worrying factors that increase risk of cot death. SIDS is a terrifying prospect for any parent, and any reasonable measures that can be made to reduce risk factors should be taken, I think. I love this mattress as it has non of the fire-retardant that have been possibly linked to SIDS, as well as reducing the risk of CO pooling and overheating.

One of the brilliant things about this mattress is the way you can just take off the cover and bung it in the washing machine. Instead of using a mattress protector, Purflo suggest that you simply have a second SleepSurface cover, which they sell separately for £59.95. Matching breathable sheets are also available for £19.95, although we have just been using basic cotton sheets on ours.

At £109.95, I think that this mattress is quite reasonably priced. Sure, there are cheaper mattresses available out there but there are also more expensive ones on the market too – the Purflo mattress is priced comfortably in the middle and offers many benefits a traditional mattress can’t.

We give this mattress 5 stars.

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  1. I must admit the design does look odd, but I can see why it works so well. Wish I’d have found this before I bought a new mattress 🙁 #triedtested

  2. I think I want this for myself nevermind the kids! It sounds incredible. We’re just preparing to move Amy into a cot so might well have to invest!
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