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Disclosure: This product was sent to me free of charge by Tesco to be reviewed. However, as per my PR info disclaimer, this review is my unbiased honest opinion of the product.

logo-tesco-christmasProduct: Tesco Chocolate

Price: from £4.00 to £20.00

Age Range: suitable for chocolate addicts of all ages!

Manufacturer’s Description: Tesco chocolate is made by the master chocolatiers behind Hotel Chocolat and Harrods. Affordable luxury, with prices ranging from £4 to £20. High quality ingredients used in all products, the perfect Christmas gift for friends and family, with something for all the family!

Rating: (5/5 stars)

Tesco Chocolate

Review: I have to admit, luxury is not the first word that comes to mind when I think about supermarket chocolate. I tend to only buy own brand chocolate if I am baking, and even then it’s quite rare.

My favourite chocolate is without a doubt the milk chocolate goodies you can get from Hotel Chocolat. So, when I heard that the master chocolatiers behind their chocolate & Harrods were behind the new range of chocolates from Tesco, I was very interested indeed! Despite this knowledge I was still harbouring some reservations; after all the prices of this new range are much more affordable from the much longed after HC treats I get for special occasions… surely they just couldn’t be as good?

Well, I am pleased to report James and I were both delighted, surprised, and very happy when we tucked into our chocolate treats! We were sent the new Cherry Merry Christmas Chokablok slab and a box of Milk Chocolate Gingerbread Stars. I immediately took possession of the box of stars, handing over the dark chocolate tree-shaped slab to my husband.

I am not a huge dark chocolate fan myself, so although I had one little nibble of the Cherry Merry Christmas slab, James has been working his way through it over the past week. The dark chocolate tree is swirled with white chocolate, and studded with dried cherries and chunks of chocolate brownie – Tesco’s take on a classic black forest gateau, in chocolate form.

James declared the chocolate actually preferable to the Hotel Chocolat dark chocolate I have bought him in the past. Judging by the great big chunks he has been breaking off and chomping with great gusto every evening after work, I’d say that this slab of chocolate is definitely a success with James.

I did have a mouthful and I agree with him that the texture is lovely, it isn’t too bitter or gritty, and the white chocolate swirled into the dark is absolutely gorgeous. I can be fussy about white chocolate but this is really nice. James is really enjoying the chunks of chocolate brownie and dried cherries that decorate the slab too. I love the shape of the slab – the classic Christmas tree shape is so simple and festive, and adds that something special to the product.

The Milk Chocolate Gingerbread Stars were also delicious; I really enjoyed them. You get eight stars in a box, and one or two of these generous sized chocolate shapes is easily enough to satisfy a craving for chocolate – the box lasted me around four days. Each star is made from milk chocolate, topped with caramelised biscuit, ginger crumble & white chocolate.

The gingerbread crumble was enough to give a hint of ginger, and my only criticism is that the ginger taste could have have been a little bit stronger without overpowering the chocolate. The milk chocolate has a minimum 30% cocoa solids and 20% milk solids, making it deliciously creamy and chocolatey. The texture of the chocolate was perfect, and much nicer than I was expecting.

Each star is larger than I expected – the box is crammed full and each one is really thick; there is no scrimping here from Tesco. They both look and taste very luxurious! The white chocolate was drizzled on top of the milk chocolate, rather than swirled into it as in James’s “Cherry Merry Christmas” tree. The gingerbread topping provides a pleasant crunch and texture to the treat.

We enjoyed the two Tesco chocolate products we were sent so much that James bought me a bar of Chocablok Excrème Brûlée on his way home one day this week as a treat! This bar was half milk chocolate & half crème brûlée flavoured white chocolate, swirled together at the middle & topped with butterscotch pieces and gold flakes. It was really delicious and disappeared in one evening – at just £1.40 I thought this bar was excellent value too.

I loved that the underside of the bar was marked out into squares like a regular chocolate bar – making it easy to break up into nibble sized pieces. One of the problems I have with the small slabs from Hotel Chocolat is that they are hard to break up easily and I end up with strange sized & weirdly shapes chunks of chocolate. The texture & taste of the Excrème Brûlée bar was fantastic.

We will definitely be buying more of these chocolate offerings from Tesco in the future, and I have my eye on another box of those stars to take with us to Cornwall this year – a perfect evening treat to share around on Christmas Eve after the kids are in bed!

With our reduced Christmas budget in mind this year, I will be happy to find a Chocablok Selection Pack under the tree this year with my name on too, rather than my usual Hotel Chocolat treat of a few of their small slabs. Much more affordable, so James will get more chocolate for his money, and just as tasty.

This new range of chocolate from Tesco is extremely delicious, great value for money, and will make a perfect gift for any chocolate lover this Christmas. 5 stars! Preferably chocolate gingerbread ones…

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  1. Thanks for reviewing something affordable. I always assume that the prices paid in Hotel Chocolate mean quality but it is nice to know that the much cheaper supermarket version can be just as enjoyable!

    1. This stuff really is nice – I am impressed that you can get something this tasty for the price. As I said in my review my husband actually preferred it to Hotel Chocolat, and I would certainly be just as happy getting some of this chocolate this Christmas as I would be getting HC! It takes supermarket chocolate to a new level! 😉

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