Review: VTech Lullaby Light-Up Lamb

Product: VTech Lullaby Light-Up Lamb*

Price: £9.99

Age Range: Birth upwards

Manufacturer’s Description: You can count on this sheep getting your little one to sleep. 3 modes of play help them have fun, develop their minds or drift calmly off to sleep. Press the music button or pull the 2 interactive fabric legs to activate fun phrases, nature sounds and soothing melodies. In lullaby mode, soft music and a glowing colour changing light on the tummy will captivate your baby’s attention and sends them magically off to sleep. Age: Birth +. Batteries: 2 x AA included.

Georgie playing with her beloved lamb!

Rating:      (5/5 stars)

Review: This lamb has to be one of the best toys I have bought for Georgie so far, and certainly one of her favourites! I bought when she was about 3 months old, and she quickly got the hang of whacking the big button on the front to start/change the music, an accomplishment that always leaves her with a proud smile on her face!

I originally bought the lamb because I wanted some sort of night-light for the crib, and it sounded perfect for my needs – in lullaby mode it plays soothing music & sounds for 10 minutes, with accompanying lights which change colour to the music. It does a fantastic job at soothing Georgie to sleep when we put her down for the night, whereas before we had it she was constantly waking up as soon as her head hit the mattress.

An added bonus is that, since she has learnt to hit the button to turn it on, Georgie quite often starts the music if she stirs in the night, which then soothes her back to sleep. As you can imagine, this is infinitely preferable to her stirring, waking up properly & crying for attention, which invariably would lead to a nappy change and a 4am feed. Instead, I drowsily awake in the middle of the night to hear the following sequence of events: wiggling, *whack*, lullabies, and a return to blissful silence as she drifts back off to sleep!

Whenever we go away, the lamb comes too!

The music mode & playtime mode are great too; Georgie will quite often play in her crib happily for a while in the morning, thwacking her lamb and crib arch toys, while making various happy noises (including her latest favourites; growling and blowing raspberries!).

While she hasn’t quite got the hang of bashing the legs to hear the “fun phrases”, the super easy button makes it enjoyable for her from this early age, and I’m sure that she will figure out how to make it even noisier as she gets older!

Basically then, I love this little lamb! It helps Georgie sleep, and that lets me sleep, and any other Mum’s will know that this is an invaluable thing! Most importantly, my little girl finds it fascinating and just loves to thwack it whenever she’s within hitting distance! A well deserved 5 star rating!

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    1. It's amazing! One of the first things I recommend to other Mums, especially if their little one is having trouble settling 😀

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