Wednesday Wishlist: Trunki

Having just been to Cornwall for a week, and then away for the weekend to a glamourous Travelodge as well, I can’t help but yearn after one of these adorable suitcases for my little Georgie! Her clothes and bits & pieces have been instead either mixed in with ours, in our boring black suitcase, or in a boring black suitcase of her own. Do you see the reoccurring theme there? Boring black suitcases. Yep, that’s all we have here in the way of luggage.

Trunki however, have come up with a fun solution. Put your suitcase on wheels, so that your child can ride on it! Genius. Of course, Georgie is still way too small for these sorts of shenanigans, but I can’t help wanting one anyway.

Ladybug Trunki

They’re just so colourful! So fun! So entertaining! So appealing! Unfortunately, my husband would say “So unnecessary!!”, due to the existence of the aforementioned boring black suitcases. Oh well, it doesn’t have to stop me wanting one, does it?

If I was going to be allowed to hand over the hard cash for one of these beauties, I have no idea which one I’d go for. There are so many and they’re all quite fab! The Gruffalo* one is simply fantastic, but I also love the tiger*, the bumblebee* and the ladybug*. Complete with fun character names and a strap to drag them around in case your child is being lazy, I simply love them!

Bee Trunki

Now then, how can I convince James to let me buy one for Georgie? I could “lose” all of our current suitcases next time a skip appears in the road.. hmmmm. And of course, once I’ve got the suitcase in my possession, I’d need to get a few of the matching accessories too!

Which one would you pick?!

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  1. I love Wishlist Wednesdays. There are so many great products I’d love to have for the boys. Will definitely be adding this to my blog and will mention you. There are so many different Blogging days but this one I like. Thanks for the inspiration x

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