The Inventors Cupboard Puzzle

Review: Ravensburger The Inventor’s Cupboard 1000 piece jigsaw

I really enjoy Colin Thompson puzzles – his illustrations are fantastical and amusing, and I am a fan of his Curious Cupboards illustrations in particular. I used to haue an iPad case with his bookshelf illustration and loved it. This puzzle is the 5th in the series and I really liked putting it together.… Continue Reading “Review: Ravensburger The Inventor’s Cupboard 1000 piece jigsaw”

Ravensburger Horsing Around

Review: Ravensburger Horsing Around jigsaw (Selfies No.1)

As regular readers know, I love a good jigsaw. I find them challenging yet relaxing, and putting that final piece into place is oh so satisfying! Ravensburger sent me this funny Horsing Around jigsaw, the first in a new series of Selfies jigsaws, poking fun at the selfie trend that is so popular.… Continue Reading “Review: Ravensburger Horsing Around jigsaw (Selfies No.1)”

Review: Spot a Lot Animals Storybook & Jigsaw

This gift set from Parragon Books includes both a storybook and a double sided jigsaw. The illustrations are really fun, with bright colours and amusing cartoon animals. The book is a counting book, going up from one to ten, with different species of animals on each page, that have escaped from the zoo.… Continue Reading “Review: Spot a Lot Animals Storybook & Jigsaw”

Make your own jigsaw!

As part of our twitter party, we are challenging the children to make their own Inside Out jigsaw puzzles. To join in the fun, you need to have a picture printed onto some card, some felt pens/crayons, a ruler, a pen, and a pair of scissors. It’s also handy to have a small bag to keep the pieces safe in. We were provided with little Inside… Continue Reading “Make your own jigsaw!”

I’m a Ravensburger Puzzles Twitter Party Host!

We really love twitter parties in this house – the kids get to have fun with their friends, play with some new toys, and enjoy some games. No to mention the twitter side of things – chatting about the brands we love online, giving people the chance to win great prizes, and having a great time online as well as offline. So it is with great… Continue Reading “I’m a Ravensburger Puzzles Twitter Party Host!”

Review: Ravensburger Happy Days “Blackpool” 1000 piece Jigsaw Puzzle

One of my most enjoyable hobbies is jigsaw puzzles. In this modern world I quite often do jigsaws on my iPad but this is something that technology just can’t ever replicate well enough for me. A well made jigsaw is a true delight and this puzzle definitely ticks that box.… Continue Reading “Review: Ravensburger Happy Days “Blackpool” 1000 piece Jigsaw Puzzle”