Review: Tommee Tippee Bath and Room Thermometer

We have been testing out this thermometer in both the girls room and their baths. It is really easy to use – you just pop it into the bath or stand it up on it’s plastic stand, and it displays the temperature of the water/room. The display is activated by tapping it, or dropping it into water.… Continue Reading “Review: Tommee Tippee Bath and Room Thermometer”

Giveaway: Tommee Tippee non spill cups

We have recently reviewed a Tommee Tippee non spill insulated cup that we were given at the baby show, and I am pleased to announce I also have three cups from the range to give away! The winner of this giveaway will receive a 6m+ straw cup, a 7m+ sippee cup, and a 12m+ insulated sippee cup like the one we reviewed (as tempting as… Continue Reading “Giveaway: Tommee Tippee non spill cups”

Review: Tommee Tippee 12m+ Active Sippee Cup

Lydia has been trialling this cup since the baby show, and she really loves it. The no spill cup lives up to it’s name and Lydia hasn’t been able to spill any, despite her best efforts.

This cup is insulated without being too heavy, and a lovely size and shape for Lydia’s little hands. She really likes this cup, and won’t share it with Georgie at all. The insulation is great for keeping milk cool on warm days, which is brilliant in this weather as our living room gets quite warm in the mornings. Lydia has definitely been drinking more milk since we got this cup, as I don’t have to worry so much about her cup of milk sitting around getting warm.… Continue Reading “Review: Tommee Tippee 12m+ Active Sippee Cup”

Giveaway: £25 selection of weaning products from Tommee Tippee

This morning’s giveaway is another good one – a selection of weaning products from Tommee Tippee suitable for the age & gender of your child, up to the value of £25! Weaning your baby is helping them gradually move from a milk-only diet onto the solid foods they will need to grow and develop healthily. Our Explora weaning products and equipment have been specially designed… Continue Reading “Giveaway: £25 selection of weaning products from Tommee Tippee”