Review: Fisher-Price feeding range

Disclosure: This product was sent to me free of charge by Fisher-Price to be reviewed. However, as per my PR info disclaimer, this review is my unbiased honest opinion of the product.

Product: Fisher-Price feeding range

Price: The range is priced from £2.99 to £9.99

Age Range: Weaning onwards

Manufacturer’s Description: Stack ‘n Store Sippy – The Fisher Price Stack ‘n Store Sippy is smart for sipping, and even smarter for storage! Easy-grasp handles are perfect for little hands and can be removed for extended use. Stack and nest the cups together to prevent cupboard clutter. £7.49

On-the-Go Fork and Spoon – Fisher Price’s On-the-Go Fork and Spoon set helps to contain the mess wherever you and baby go—with an easy-grip handle that converts to a cover. Just feed, cover and throw in your bag! £2.99

Tote-Along Snacker – Mess-free snacking is important—especially on-the-go! The Fisher Price Tote-Along Snacker allows your little one can easily bring snacks wherever they go. A two-position handle makes it easy to hold, carry or hang from the stroller. £4.99

Rating: (5/5 stars)


Review: We were sent the Stack n Store Sippy, On-the-Go Fork and Spoon and Tote-Along Snacker to try out from the brand new Fisher-Price feeding range that is being launched at Boots stores this week, and Lydia and Georgie have been putting them to the test.

Fisher-Price feeding range

First up are the stacking “Stack n Store Sippy” cups. These are a lovely shape and size for little hands, and georgie and Lydia have both been happily drinking using these cups over the last week.

The two cups are made from a tough feeling plastic with a fun design marked on, but not too obvious. The screw top lid has a hard drinking spout bit with a silicon opening with slits, meaning you have to give quite a good suck to get out your drink. An optional set of handles can be added in between the cup & lid, with two notches either side ensuring that the handles line up perfectly with the spout.

Georgie tends to use these cups without the handles, and Lydia with – although they can both manage with or without. It does help georgie identify whether a drink is supposed to be hers or Lydia though! Both of them are used to free flow cups and sports bottle type lids, but had no trouble using these cups once we told them to give a good suck the first time they tried to use them.

Lydia is just at the age where she is starting to be very mischievous and she can often be found trying to pour her drink during a meal. Georgie is very strict with her and takes her cup away if she starts being silly! The great thing about these cups is the way the spout works means that nothing comes out if you’re trying to pour with it, making our mealtimes significantly less messy.

These cups stack up when not in use, which saves adding extra strain on your cupboard space.

Next up, we tried the travel cutlery; the “On-the-Go Fork and Spoon“. This is a handy little set with a spoon and a fork aimed for little hands when eating out. The lid unclips from the main body of the utensil and clips on the other end to made a chunky handle.

You have to give a good push and tug to get the handle/lid on & off the utensil, and it feels very secure once in place. This is great as Lydia and georgie would both find it impossible to mess with instead of just using it to eat, and also there is no danger of it falling apart into two bits mid meal.

At the end of the meal you just move the lid from the handle end to cover up the spoon or fork part, making sure that any remaining traces of baked bean sauce won’t be getting smeared all over the inside of your changing bag.

We used these when we were out at the weekend and James shared an all day breakfast with Lydia. The chunky handles were just right for her little hands to grasp, and she had no problems manipulating these pieces of cutlery. The spoon was perfect for feeding her baked beans, and the fork was just about stabby* enough to be able to use it to feed Lydia the mushrooms, and chunks of sausage or hash brown.

*this is a real word in my head

Finally, we tried the “Tote-Along Snacker” pot, filling it with tasty treats and handing it over to the girls. Georgie had first crack at it, and then when she had eaten enough she put it aside and Lydia happily polished off the rest once she had woken up.

Neither of the girls had a problem getting food out of the snack pot. The lid is a soft plastic with a star shaped opening that allows little hands to reach in and grab the food inside, but doesn’t let food out when the pot is tipped. We have tried a similar snack pot in the past and the plastic used on the lid was a little stiffer which made the food harder to retrieve; Georgie definitely prefers this one. She had to give her little sister a lesson in finding the food hidden within, but once shown once, Lydia was nibbling away happily on her raisins, no problem.

The handle on this snack pot it really neat. It slots into a sort of groove on either side of the pot & then the lid keeps it from sliding out. You can either clip it into another groove underneath the pot which gives you a easy to grip handle either side of the pot, or you can have it loose on top of the pot which provides the perfect carry handle.

Georgie carried it upstairs with the pot swinging by the handle, then was amazed when I clipped it into place underneath. It is certainly easier for the girls to get the food out of the pot when they are holding one of the handles with one hand, while the other hand fishes in the pot. The handle detaches when the lid is removed, making it easier to wash up.

Overall we have been very pleased with the whole range & think the pricing seems fair. The plastic is good quality, the colours are bright & fairly gender neutral, and the designs are clever. The handles are all comfortable to hold and the perfect size for little hands. Everything is top rack dishwasher safe which is so useful when you are using them all the time. It is also all BPA free.

Fisher-Price feeding range

We give the Fisher-Price feeding range 5 stars.

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  1. I really like the look of the snack pot, I could do with one of those to stop raisins going everywhere. I like the idea of the cutlery for taking out but can’t help thinking they might just be too chunky to eat with properly?

    1. Well, those forks are made for babies and toddlers, and they are made to stop it from slipping off your hands. The cups are pretty great, they are really nice and colourful. I just noticed last year fisher price no longer officially sell these products, as they are discontinued. Well I think you can still get them at boots.

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