Birthday preparations!

Georgiana is two on Wednesday, so I have been starting to prepare for my little girl’s big day. We’re only going to have a low-key celebration as we have been incredibly busy the last month or so, what with having a baby at the end of February and then going away lots this month!

James will be working on Georgie’s birthday this year, so the girls and I are going to go to the local soft play centre to meet up with some friends in the morning, so that Georgie can run around and have some fun. Fingers crossed she’ll then have a decent nap after lunch, before we head off to view a house we’re considering renting, and then we’ll head home to open presents & eat cake after some dinner.

As we’re having such a relaxed day instead of choosing to throw some kind of party, there aren’t an awful lot of preparations to be done – bonus! Yesterday I took advantage of nap time to wrap all her presents, and tomorrow afternoon & evening are reserved for cake baking.

James’s Dad has very generously bought Georgie a Little Tikes Classic Cozy Coupe Ride-on* complete with a personalised number plate* for her birthday, so I have stashed all the presents we have been given for Georgie along with her gifts from us inside the car. Squeezed on top of the toys is the gigantic teddy bear she chose at Kiddicare (we got it at 50% off, bargain!). It’s her birthday car! I can’t wait to see her face when we wheel it into the room for her.

As well as the teddy bear, James and I are giving her a pile of wooden peg puzzles we bought second hand from my sister, some Disney books we bought in various offers, a Little Charley Bear Rocket* I spotted a few months ago on sale in Makro, and a Little Tikes wooden shape sorter from their new range exclusive to Asda.

The whole thing has all been cunningly disguised under this blue fleece blanket!

Georgie had one peep under the blanket at the weekend before the presents were added, and whispered “caaaarrr” in awed tones. Her reaction when Mum suggested it might be for Lydia was hilarious, she was completely aghast at the suggestion. I think she will definitely approve of it on Wednesday.

Although most of the presents are being saved for the evening as James is working and Georgie likes her lie in, we picked up a sandpit for her last week and have been saving it for her birthday as a treat. Hopefully the weather will be nice so that we can have a play before lunch.

With the presents and plan for the day sorted, all that’s left is the cake. Tomorrow night I’ll either be blogging baking success or failure, so wish me luck with that!

9 thoughts on “Birthday preparations!

  1. I can’t believe Georgie was satisfied with just one peep 🙂
    All sounds very exciting! Good luck with the cake baking.

    1. I know, I’m amazed myself! She’s been in and out of the front room loads but just ignores it. Surprisingly disciplined!

      Thanks for the luck, I have a feeling I need it, I’m feeling a bit scatterbrained today!

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