Review: Speck iGuy Case and Stand for iPad Mini

Disclosure: This product was sent to me free of charge by MobileFun to be reviewed. However, as per my PR info disclaimer, this review is my unbiased honest opinion of the product.

MobileFunProduct: Speck iGuy Case and Stand for iPad Mini (Chili Pepper Red) from

Price: £22.97

Age Range: n/a

Manufacturer’s Description: Meet iGuy — the free-standing foam case for iPad mini. Every bit as protective as he is a blast to use, iGuy is the perfect iPad mini accessory for kids and grownups alike. He’s lightweight, easy to hold, and he can stand on his own two feet, even while holding up your iPad mini. He may look like he’s all about fun, but his soft, squishy body disguises tough EVA foam protection. iGuy will help you feel more secure as you hand your iPad mini over to your baby or small child! is an online store which sells mobile devices and all the accessories or cases you could ever need to go with them. As well as the iGuy they sell the official apple (and more adult orientated!) iPad Mini Smart Covers, among many others.

Rating: (5/5 stars)

Speck iGuy for iPad Mini
Speck iGuy for iPad Mini

Review: Our initial reaction to the iGuy upon opening it was “Wow, this looks fun… and it should do the job, too!”, and it hasn’t disappointed. James got an iPad Mini just before Christmas and is, understandably, rather protective about it… especially as Georgie can easily (and with an air of complete nonchalance) carry it about in one hand as she clambers about the room. We knew we needed something to make it more kid-proof, and the iGuy fits the bill completely.


The iGuy is made with super strong EVA foam, which makes him bendable, whackable, droppable, squishable and even huggable! Georgie has been informed that if she wants to play with Daddy’s iPad (which she prefers to my larger one, score!), then she has to have it put in the iGuy case. She now fetches the case with a hopeful expression on her face when she wants to play, instead of grabbing the iPad, and knows that she can’t carry the iPad Mini around without it on.

The camera, microphone, headphone port, lightning connector, power button, volume up/down buttons & mute switch are all accessible through cut outs in the sides of the case.   The home button is accessible from the front, as the foam doesn’t cover the whole bezel.

The speakers are protected but clever cut outs in the case allow the sound to bounce out so it doesn’t sound muffled if your kid is playing a game or catching up on their favourite cbeebies show on iPlayer.

It can be a tiny bit tricky to get the iPad in and out the first time you try, but once you get the hang of it after that you’ll be a pro – but your toddler won’t be able to manage it. It is a snug fit so won’t be falling out anytime soon!

Here is a closer look at the iGuy…

iGuy has two short fat legs that make a sturdy stand, and two arms that are the perfect size for a toddler to hold onto. There is enough foam around the screen to give it plenty of protection against bumps, and also to give a little hand something to hold onto without getting their fingers on the screen. This is great as Georgie used to easily touch the screen by accident with the hand she had holding the iPad, and then would get frustrated when touches she made with her free hand weren’t registering properly.

Georgie can carry it around in one hand without us having to worry!

The case stops the iPad slipping off surfaces easily, and it’s no longer quite so worrying to have Georgie balanced on my lap with an iPad balanced on hers! She holds on quite happily to one of the arms or the frame of the case while playing with her other hand, and if it does end up being dropped on the floor you don’t have to worry about it getting damaged.

The only way that your iPad is going to come to any harm in the iGuy case is if it is dropped from a height, face down on something large, sharp and hard, which is frankly quite unlikely. There is enough depth to the case to protect it from almost all toddler damage scenarios, and Georgie has tested it out quite thoroughly!

After having the Mini sized iGuy in the house for the past month, I am planning to buy his big brother to protect my retina iPad from my growing toddler. Georgie hasn’t bothered trying to carry my iPad around much before now as it is bigger & heavier than the Mini, but as she gets stronger she is able to move it around more and so it is in danger of being damaged. I can’t think of a stronger recommendation than it being on my shopping list!

When you buy an iPad or iPad Mini, you are spending at least £269 on the device itself. It’s no secret that kids love iPads and so, being realistic, they are going to get their hands on it.  An iGuy case sets you back less than £25… that is a lot cheaper than a new iPad and I bet it’s less money than your accidental damage insurance excess, and that is if your policy even covers iPads getting smashed by your toddler. This particular investment seems a no-brainer to me.

The iGuy is fun, well made, a great price and does the job it is designed for extremely well. 5 stars!

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  1. Hello,
    We used iguys for the ipads in our house and they seemed great at first. However all the ipads now have some degree of damage and one iguy is split (cracks) in the corners from putting it on and off the ipad and also from the corner of the ipad perhaps rubbing on it. One child is rough with the ipad and has thrown it once or twice for a short distance when it had no charge (we are talking about an Autistic child here). Even though Applecare and warranties cover your ipad for some time, Apple does not replace damaged ipads for free (ipads they deem to have been damaged by dropping or such) and a fee of $280 is required per ipad2 to replace the ipad still under warranty. We will be trialling an Otter case next on the ipad replacement we just paid for. They iguy’s were a nice ipad case to introduce young children to the ipad in our house but we will now be changing over to something more robust.

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