Review: Thomas & Friends: Merry Christmas, Thomas! DVD

Disclosure: This product was sent to me free of charge by HIT Entertainment to be reviewed. However, as per my PR info disclaimer, this review is my unbiased honest opinion of the product.


Product: Thomas & Friends: Merry Christmas, Thomas! DVD*

Price: RRP £12.99 (currently £7.75 on Amazon)

Age Range: n/a

ThomasandFriendslogoManufacturer’s Description: Thomas lights up the tracks in a magical Christmas collection! Watch as your favourite engines prepare for a festive celebration. Charlie discovers how much fun snow can be whilst Percy gets covered in so much snow that Thomas cannot find him! Salty doesn’t have time for presents and parties until Edward finds him the perfect gift, and the engines compete to find the perfect Christmas tree! It is the season for Christmas magic with Thomas & Friends.

Rating: (4/5 stars)

Merry Christmas Thomas

Review: Georgie is a huge Thomas fan so I was sure that this DVD would be a great success. I have to say, I wasn’t wrong!

Merry Christmas, Thomas! is a collection of six festive themed Thomas & Friends episodes which are all really lovely & enjoyable. Georgie enjoyed each of the stories, and to be completely honest James and I did too! Even Lydia crawled over to the TV to watch the trains choo-choo-ing around Sodor.

The episodes included in the Merry Christmas, Thomas! disc are:

  • The Christmas Tree Express – Toby and Rheneas venture to the mysterious Misty Island to find the perfect tree for Christmas
  • Ho Ho Snowman – Charlie plays a trick on Henry & helps him to realise that snow is fun
  • Salty’s Surprise – Edward searches for the perfect present to give Salty for Christmas
  • Emily’s Winter Party Special – Emily tries to win the coveted honour of pulling the “presents train” to the Winter Festival
  • Percy the Snowman – Percy accidentally gets covered in snow & Thomas can’t find him
  • Tree Trouble – A Christmas tree competition between the dieselworks and steamworks has Thomas and Diesel racing all over the Island of Sodor looking for the perfect tree

As an extra bonus, you get a second disc with five extra episodes on. Big Bang Surprise contains the following episodes:

  • Sodor Surprise Day – everyone tries to surprise one another with some silly tricks
  • Thomas and the Sounds of Sodor – Thomas discovers that he and his fellow engines don’t have to be quiet to hear the sounds of the island
  • Percy and the Calliope – Percy is determined to try and save a calliope from going the scrap so that it can play music once again
  • Happy Birthday Sir! – the Island of Sodor celebrates The Fat Controller’s birthday and he gets a special surprise
  • Percy and the Monster of Brendam – Percy discovers a monster at Brendam Docks

You can either choose to watch one episode at a time, picking from an episode menu, or choose the “Watch with Mr. Perkins” option with strings together all of the episodes with short sketches involving Mr. Perkins in between. On the Merry Christmas, Thomas disc, Mr. Perkins (a train driver) is snowed in & trying to get warm, and on the Big Bang Surprise disc he has to put on a show for The Fat Controller’s grandchildren. These are quite fun the first time you watch the DVD, but I noticed that after the initial viewing Georgie was quick to get bored of them, especially as the disc went on. It would be nice to have an option to watch all the episodes one after another without the extra bits linking them together.

Both dvds have some basic but fun “Guess Who?” puzzle games to watch/play with your children. Georgie enjoyed these but I think that they would probably get boring for older children quite quickly as they are just videos rather than being interactive, and so they are the same every time you watch them.

They also both contain a “Down at the Station” informative video teaching kids about real life train things; the Christmas DVD has one about points, and the Big Bang Surprise DVD has one about engines. I thought these were fantastic for young train enthusiasts, and Georgie definitely enjoyed watching the real trains. Michael Angelis, the series narrator since series 3, does the voice over for these videos. At around three and a half minutes long each, they are short enough to get some information into your children before they get bored!

With over two hours of Thomas entertainment, I think this DVD is great and a wonderful Christmas gift for any Thomas fan. 4 out of 5 stars!