Decorate a fairy house – kids party activity

When Georgie decided she wanted a fairy birthday party, I tried to think of something we could do with the kids to make it a bit more fun. I wanted something they could take home at the end of the party, as a nice reminder of a (hopefully) fun afternoon. I hit upon a variation of this idea online, and searched for low cost ways to… Continue Reading “Decorate a fairy house – kids party activity”

Review: toucanBox

toucanBox sell subscription boxes for children, containing craft projects. Each box is a different theme and you can get an idea of the sort of things they send out by browsing past boxes that are available to buy as one-off purchases here on their site. You can also purchase set-length subscriptions for a discount at the shop.… Continue Reading “Review: toucanBox”

Georgie’s first play-doh experience!

While we were down in Cornwall visiting my parents last month, my Mum took advantage of a quiet afternoon to play with Georgie and introduce her to the concept of play-doh! Mum is a fabulous grandmother, with a stash of things to entertain a toddler on a rainy day hidden away around their house. Play-doh is something that I have been meaning to introduce to… Continue Reading “Georgie’s first play-doh experience!”